Digital maintenance management system
Smarter, efficient way of managing maintenance workflow with Vegam’s IoT based maintenance software. Assign and track maintenance activities easily with mobile maintenance app.

Improved maintenance efficiency
Reduced Cost
Improved asset reliability
Industry 4.0 for maintenance

SaaS platform
With SaaS model, vMaint4.0 can be accessed from anywhere without any additional IT setup. Just sign up and start using. 
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Mobile first
Technicians can access and report maintenance activities from anywhere on the field using the vMaint mobile app. 
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IoT Integration
vMaint can integrate with sensors and devices to monitor machine health, provide threshold based alerts and predict machine failures before they occur. 
Organize and manage your plant maintenance efficiently 

Work order management
Create, assign and keep track of all your work orders. Easily submit work order requests and check status in real-time.
Preventive maintenance schedule
Create a calendar based schedule for preventive maintenance tasks. Monitor preventive maintenance completion rate. Create checklists for recurring maintenance activities.
Ensure maintenance tasks for functional areas are never missed for inspection with online checklists. Checklists can be attached to work orders and can be assigned to operators.
Asset health monitoring
Track health and performance of critical equipment in real time. Easily access equipment historic data and make data driven decisions.
Reports and KPIs
Custom reports and KPIs help identify critical maintenance activities, resources and help in better planning and analysis
Inventory and spare-parts management
Avoid unwanted delays due insufficient inventory with real-time inventory and spare parts tracking.
Empower your team - Optimize your plant

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Reduction in unplanned breakdowns
  • Optimization of inventory and spare parts
  • Compliance with industry and safety standards

  • Create and assign tasks easily to concerned teams 
  • Track maintenance and repair costs
  • Monitor machine downtime
  • Monitor asset health and performance
  • Access work orders from anywhere through the mobile app
  • Access maintenance records easily by scanning QR codes/Bar codes 
  • Report status of work orders from the field
  • View work order instructions at any  time, anywhere