Predictive maintenance
Monitor your critical assets online continuously using cloud based condition monitoring platform. Predict equipment failure and plan maintenance before the occurrence of failure.


Compatible with any hardware 
Data deployed from existing IoT devices 
and sensors can be integrated with 
the platform.
Access from anywhere 
Data collected by sensors is sent to 
cloud platform
Data driven insights
Analyze asset performance and take 
key decisions using machine learning 
based predictive analysis

Identify machine faults at an early stage  by receiving alerts based on predefined  threshold values.
Asset health monitoring
Monitor critical assets in real time. Make data driven decisions based on  the performance and health of assets
Vibration analysis
Analyze vibration data using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm to identify critical issues in machine parts
Predictive maintenance
Analyze machine parameters and predict failures before they occur. Rectify critical equipment issues at an early stage

Early identification 
of failures
Patterns and threshold based alerts help identify and rectify faults at an early stage
Prevent unplanned 
Machine downtime due to breakdown is significantly reduced, preventing production losses
Minimize maintenance 
and repair costs
Plan your inventory and labor based on the frequency of maintenance activities. Prevent over maintenance of assets
Resource optimization 
Optimize use of inventory and spare parts by performing maintenance activities only when necessary