Clear your queries about vMaint4.0 here
Is vMaint4 available only on cloud?
No. vMaint4 can be made available on premise or with a dedicated cloud option on need basis. Please connect with us for your on premise deployment or any other enterprise integration needs.

What are the minimum requirements for vMaint4.0 to work? Is there any specific IT infrastructure required?
vMaint4.0 web application can work with any latest web browser (IE 11 onwards, Chrome or any other browser) with internet connection.

vMaint4.0 mobile application can work on any mobile device running Android M or above with internet connectivity. For industrial usage in shop floor, Industrial grade mobile devices are recommended. Certain features of the applications may require on device Camera with barcode scanning option.

For IoT integration of vMaint4.0, appropriate connectors would be required to connect with third party/external sensor. Please contact us for integration needs.

Our wireless sensors (vSens 3 Axis) coupled with our vGateway works directly with vMaint4.0 without any additional integrations.

Where will the collected data be stored for cloud version?
The collected data will be stored on our secure server with enterprise class security enabled.

Who owns the data?
The data belongs to you. You will be the sole owner of the data. VMaint4.0 will never use these for any other purpose.

Will the data be safe? How often is the data backed up?
The data is stored securely with enterprise grade security and all the communication in application is performed using SSL & https connections. Data is backed up regularly on daily basis.

Is vMaint4.0 available on iPhone?
No. Currently we have only android based mobile application available. However, our web application can be accessed from mobile phone’s browser.

Does vMaint4.0 mobile application work offline?
Yes. Partially. Mobile application has offline capabilities for certain features to enable the shop floor/remote data entry related use cases. It re-synchs with the cloud once the network is available.

Will there be any training required to use digital maintenance management suite?
vMaint4.0 is self-help application. We also do provide initial hand-holding though emails, phones and chat if needed.

What Support vMaint4.0 provides?
Unlimited help desk support is available to vMaint4.0 subscribers via phone, email and live chat.

What’s the Free Trial offer?
VMaint4.0 is available as a Free Trail for you to try before buying. We are offering 3 months of Free Trial.

What are the pricing options available for vMaint4.0?  
VMaint4.0 is available on monthly subscription basis to be paid annually after the duration of Free Trial.

How can I see the Demo?
Please contact us with required details. Our representative will be in touch with you to schedule an online demo.

Which machine parameters are measured by vSens?
Temperature and vibration are measured by vSens.
Temperature: Displays temperature between 0 Degree Celcius and 70 Degree Celcius.
Vibration: Sampling frequency of 200 Hz.  

How long will vSens’ battery last?
vSens’ has a battery life of an year.

How is vSens mounted on the machine? 
Primarily, vSens can be mounted magnetically or using screw thread mounting. 

What will I need for initial configuration of vSens?
Primarily, vSens can be mounted magnetically or using screw thread mounting.
 Primarily, vSens can be mounted magnetically or using screw thread mounting.
  • Sens 3 axis sensor
  • Internet connection (WiFi or mobile hotspot) 
  • Smartphone with Bluetooth (BLE 5.0) enabled 
  • vSens mobile app installed (Free) 
  • Gateway with Blueotooth/WiFi capability.

How does vSens send data to condition monitoring software?
vSens measures parameters like vibration and temperature. This vibration or temperature data is collected by a gateway (vGateway) through Bluetooth (BLE 5.0). The gateway sends data to condition monitoring software using WiFi or cellular data. The data can be monitored in the software in the form of real time trends, dashboards etc.